The Village Cup: Jericho, VT

Continue food tourism. Important rule: if goodbye dinners and football conflict, football should generally win, especially if it equals twice the food. Thus: goodbye brunch followed by an afternoon of football with Chinese food. Win-win situation, really.

Olivia suggested The Village Cup, which is reasonably near her house and is very Wesleyan. Set in what could pass for an old barn from the inside with large windows overlooking a wooded area, wood floors, and wood tables (are we sensing a theme?) the menu had markings for vegetarian dishes and dishes with Vermont-made products. Little surprise to anyone, the majority of the menu was vegetarian and all but one dish had Vermont products. There was a whole tea menu (though mine came over-steeped, which made me mildly sad… #teasnob) and a variety of other fun barista drinks, as well as lots of breakfast pastries and a little wine bar.

Four of the seven of us ordered the Chef’s Special Eggs Benedict (as did a huge number of others in the restaurant), which is really Eggs Florentine (spinach instead of meat) plus sun-dried tomatos and artichoke hearts served on either an english muffin or a croissant (both pictured), which was a fun idea… expect a (near) future post about my adventures making a similar dish with homemade croissants and hollandaise.


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