San Antonio

Everyone has expensive hobbies, and some of us have more than our fair share. Some people own a horse, others collect antiques, and still others collect fancy cars or play a lot of video games. I seem to have a couple very expensive habits: photography and food tourism. Here’s a compilation of the two.

Photos include Urban Tacos (guacamole, margarita, tacos), Floore’s Dance Hall, Rudy’s BBQ (“Worst BBQ in Texas”), Viking Cake (made in compilation with Smitten Kitchen’s Carrot Miso Soup, and a yellow mole from a Rick Bayless cookbook, neither pictured), local Bleu Cheese and crostini from the original Whole Foods in Austin, Zucchini Fries from La Enoteca in Austin (and other amazing food, not pictured), baked goods from the CIA bakery, Spinach and Brussels Sprouts Pasta (hoping for a guest post from Abbey?), and an Apple Tart (a buttery Ina Garten masterpiece).


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